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A perfect Sabbath with authentic Kiddush cup

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The way of sanctifying the drink and food in a Shabbat is called Kiddush. The Jewish uses a special type of cup for the special event. And it is known as Kiddush cup. These Kiddush cups are designed especially with silver metal by expert silversmiths. Sabbath is the event which is celebrated on the seventh day of the week by the Jewish people.  In the Jewish calendar, it is one of the holiest days. No family member is allowed to use any kind of gadgets or other attractions as it is a festival of an oasis of calm, a time of stillness in life. This ritual is celebrated almost in every family. And in this event Kiddush cup add glory and glamour.

All you need to know about Kiddush cup

Kiddush which precisely means sanctification is one kind of blessing which is chanted to consecrate the Shabbat and Jewish holidays over wine or grape juice. A kiddush cup is a beautifully decorated wine vessel by which or into which the blessings come up. The kiddush cup is filled with wine and is placed over the right hand and the five fingers of the hand correspond to the letter hay.

Over a cup of wine or grape juice, Shabbat and Jewish holiday meals naturally begin and also with blessings. A special glass is maintained by many families specifically for this purpose, and generation after generation this legacy have been passed. If obligatory any cup can function as a Kiddush cup.

Kiddush cup is generally made of gold and silver with decoration with various images of fruits in such as grapes which represent the wine. These cups must be handled with exceptional care and cautiously as chipped, malformed or broken kiddush cups are unacceptable. Silver made kiddush cup is very popular among them and is used since the ancient times and is designed by the silversmiths.

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