I have been trying to keep It real with myself, but my lack of creativity has gone down the drain. I hate feeling like nothing I do is good enough. I blame everything that is going on around me… health, social media and its overall craziness, and let us not forget to mention the crappy weather. March is usually one of my favorite months of the year. We welcome Spring, traveling starts around this time for me, and usually no more SNOW…ugghhhh. Let’s just say Spring is on a major delay this year, I’m usually in California and we’ve had about four snowstorms in March, and already one in April plus rain!


Last Sunday Geri and I decided to shoot in the city but even that was kind of blah. I felt my looks were not me. When I shoot no matter what content it is, I always try to be as organic as possible. My content didn’t feel right so we decided to just not shoot at all. Boo.

We actually hung out today and I totally addressed that day to her. I feel like the creative side of me is lacking, could it be that I’m doubting my work? Is what I’m posting on the gram good enough to inspire others? Idk, from my perspective I think the game is changing now with social media. Before it was all about numbers, now it’s about your color feed. I promised myself not to be caught up and remain true to my feed.


There are so many reasons as to why one human can become so uninspired. Being sick is for sure my number one, however, I’m not letting all these little things stop me from being great. It’s not Instagram or my clothes, it’s my mind set. I need to bring my brain back into a place of creativity and fun and let go of the things that put up a barrier between me and my greatness. Imagine not even being able to shoot at the very front of your house. This weather has taken a toll on me literally mind body and soul. Can you see why I’m feeling so uninspired?

I did something drastic. I took charge, packed my Oliver Peoples sunglasses and booked a trip to Miami for 2 days just to shoot content. Spare of the moment, thinking of me and my brand. It’s for sure not my favourite place California, but hey anything alike with palm trees works! Geri and I will make sure we work and play the whole time there. I’m BEYOND excited because I want to be consistent with my blogging and my business and location should not be the thing to stop me. For someone who is battling a sickness, she is creating the hell out of her life. Not anyone or anything is dictating my life. It is mine and I want to live it to the fullest. I’m also heading to Virginia Beach in a few weeks so I’m looking forward to another little escape right after.

Don’t forget if you run out of creative find ways you can always use these tips below that I use when I’m in a block.

  1. Book a trip, change scenario, it can be near or far, same day or 3 days.
  2. Make sure your changing it up, same stuff can get a little blah and followers love different.