Three best ways to spot a fake sneaker-selling online store?

Online Shopping

Sometimes, deals and discounts can really be pleasing around the online stores. You might find stores selling your favorite shoes and sneakers for half of the original prices. But have you ever wondered if those stores are legit? Have you ever tried to determine how they can sell those sneakers for that cheap? Well, the answer is, those stores might be trying to scam you. If we specifically talk about sneaker stores, it is pretty standard. As sneakers are not really cheap, whenever customers see lower prices, they automatically get attracted to the stores.

Well, to avoid the scams, we will be checking out three different ways for recognizing a fake shopping site that is selling different shoes and sneakers.

The three ways to avoid being scammed from sneaker-selling online stores!

Let’s dive into the details and see what you can do to determine if the store is fake or not!

1. Check out the prices and brand

We all know how expensive branded sneakers can actually be. They can go anywhere between hundreds of dollars to thousands of dollars. So, if you are getting a branded sneaker, you once dreamed of that too within a hundred bucks, it might be an actual scam.

You can explore the whole store and see if they have these types of offers all around. In simple words, if the prices are too reasonable to be true, you should probably move on and find other stores within the same domain. You can check out FitVille as it is an all-in-one sneaker store for everyone. But do check out their reviews to have a better idea of their credibility.

2. Check for exchange and refund policy

Another critical thing you can do is check out the exchange and refund policy of the store. It is very common for sneaker stores to have trouble with sizes for different customers. So, if they are legit, they will surely offer feasibility for their customers. They might also have mentioned their location to where you can ship back the sneakers to get the right ones.

If there is nothing like that along with the location, you will have to vary the things.

3. Contact them and check out their payment methods!

You can contact them and see if they have proper customer service available for the customers. You can ask them different questions and see how well-aware they are. You can also ask the location of their warehouses or head offices from where they operate. A fake online store might not be able to offer you all the details, and they might even not respond to any of your calls.

Another thing is, you can check out the payment methods and see if they are secured. You can check out for Paypal or Visa/Mastercard as they are considered the safest. But if the store does not have any of these options and requires the users to pay through another party or service, things might be twisted.


If you can actually keep all the things mentioned above in mind, you will be able to save yourself from losing a great deal of money. Just make sure to go through everything properly and note every single thing mentioned to have a better overview of the things.