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What Is a Military Dump Pouch?


Although a military dump pouch is by no means a new concept, it has only recently been picked up by private operators and security companies. The benefits of having soldiers wear them are multiple, and they have little to do with taking care of the environment.

There are three main benefits of having a military dump pouch:

  1. Preserves empty mags and expended gear
  2. Prevents tracking and information leaks
  3. Raises awareness of the soldier about the gear

All three go hand in hand with how an operator will act when under fire. And in those situations, you can’t expect people to prioritize minimal savings for the system to their life, or the lives of their comrades.

Those in the market to buy a dump pouch will be glad to know that new models are quite discreet when not in use and very stable when extended. They are a great addition to any company and will save both funds and lives over time.

Dollar Saved is a Dollar Earned

A magazine doesn’t sound expensive compared to the rifle or other gear. But, the two dozen dollars or so spent on a mag pile up if you expend six every mission. This creates a chink in the budget and might be detrimental to the bottom line, especially for operators that specialize in combat missions.

Having a dump pouch gives an easy place to throw in expended mags and gear without leaving it behind you.

And, unlike returning it in the holster of the new one, it is way faster. You don’t need to spend precious seconds when under fire to efficiently reload and you can use that time to protect your sisters and brothers and finish the mission.

Preventing Tracking

Something small and discreet like the MDP™ Magazine Dump Pouch here is very easy to attach to your gear and only takes two rows on the MOLLE webbing screen. But, it can protect your life over extended missions.

Not only will you have all of your mags to refill when able, but the enemy won’t be able to stumble across the ones you threw away and determine your firepower exactly. And they won’t be able to track any team by looking for expended or broken gear.


These are the little things that many companies don’t even notice, but they can be crucial for many missions, especially when deep in enemy territory.

Better Awareness

While soldiers are trained to calculate how much ammo they have left, this is not as easy as it sounds. If you are carrying over 170 rounds on you, you can easily miss your count.

This is especially the cause when you need to return your empty mags to their firmer holsters. That way you can’t really visually confirm which ones are full and which are empty just at a glance.

But, if you have something like the MDPH™ Magazine Dump Pouch Horizontal from UARM at your waist you can leave all of the empties there and always know how much you have left.