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There is defiance by many designers to fashioning out clothes for the plus-sized woman. As a curvy lady, there is a lot of stress involved in searching for shops or malls that sell above size 12. Worse still, the clothes might have to be gotten from stores that sell vintage wears. The presence of the internet has made this search easier. Though not in getting the correct fit for the clothes but in getting the few stores that sell them and have managed to get themselves online.


It is advantageous to sit in comfort browsing through stores for wears, but the problem of quality satisfaction or whether it is fitted for a plus-sized woman remains. This issue is further amplified since the aspect of trying on the cloth is cut-off. The solution by some reputable sites is to include the “return if not satisfied feature.”

There is also the aspect of quality. Clothes with lousy quality will do no good and might spoil faster than it should be. Though the main problem is the fit, the issue of quality is equally essential as poor quality makes for poor taste. Ladies, as we know, love to emphasize their feminine features to appear attractive and appealing; therefore, they go all out to pick quality clothes that fit correctly. The solution is to use the reviews of other customers as a guide.


You must read the reviews of others to decide whether the site you are on sells quality wears and that they genuinely market outfits for plus-sized women.

For instance, take the site Curvegirl. There are claims to the falsehood of the company founded on the quality of clothes they sell, its fitness to size, and even their delivery and communication channel. Using reviews, companies like this should be shunned, and also better and dependable sites could be found.

Reputable sites like Fashion To Figure make sure to put up customers’ reviews about their business that allows people to make conclusions better. You can check out customer’s opinions about fashion to figure here or try other sites that allow for online shopping of clothes. Remember, reading reviews is a sure way of improving your online shopping experience.

With the presence of these online sites, a curvy woman also needs the reviews of other customers, particularly of the same size range as she is. Getting positive reviews from others will go a long way toward encouraging the customer in the purchase.


Summarily, we could conclude that there is a bit of complexity involved in buying clothes online for a curvy lady. These complications are also rooted in the fact that there are variations of the curvy body type, and each variant has its unique kind of wear. All of these said, there are still online shopping sites that offer to sell clothes majorly for the plus-sized woman. On these sites, it is easy to find wears that suit your figure regardless of what body type you are.